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Thursday, March 30 2017 @ 11:33 PM BST

Nature Camera - Arduino PIR video camera

Having seen a number of nature programs on tv recently and the use of automatic cameras and video recorders capturing images of animals after dark. I wondered how difficult it would be to knock up one of my own.

I can then place it in the back garden or the local woods and see if I can catch a glimpse of the local wildlife after dark.

I have previously built a bird box containing a wireless video camera and a receiver hooked up to a tv set.
It cost a fraction of the price of the commercial items and has allowed us to succesfully watch Blue tits nest, lay eggs, the chicks hatch and develop.

I came across a very cheap video and stills spy camera built into a car key alarm fob.

I realised that this would make an ideal video and picture capture device for my project.
I could also modify it for IR and provide a IR light source for after dark
Lots of information on these devices here:

For control Im using the Arduino prototyping environment.

The PIR is going to be the Sparkfun ePIR using the serial interface so I can use the built in functions such as adjusting the sensitivity.

Ill post my progress here and try and give as much detail as I can.


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