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The Dogs ........

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My two puppies,

Chloe the German shepherd and Tika the Utonagan.

Unfortunately we no longer have Chloe. But Tika is in great shape and a great companion.


Chloe is a rescue we took on who has a few behavioural problems we are working through.
Shes making progress but its been hard work. Shes worth it as she is very affectionate and likes a play and a cuddle from the kids.
Shes a great gaurd dog as he will bark when strangers approach the house and makes her presence very known.

Tika, Weve had since he was a puppy.  A great dog but a complete softie. More interested in getting stroked or treats than seeing off burglars. Hes a large dog though and very powerful so wary people do tend to give him a wide berth till they realise what a softie he is.


Chloe when she first arrived very skinny. Shes a lot healthier looking now that weve fed her up.

Tika posing and looking magnificent.