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Thursday, March 30 2017 @ 11:33 PM BST

Im building a 3d Printer



Im building my own 3d printer. A Mendel Prusa I2.

Its going to look a bit like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is going to be the log of the build. 



I chose this model as I thought it more likely i'd be able to source the parts relatively cheaply without having to buy a full kit.

Many of the parts are available through ebay from around the world. You just have to avoid the 3d printer supplies and find the materials listed for other puposes.

For example the threaded rod is a standard condtruction material available in metre lengths a lot cheaper than buying a pre cut set.
I bought 6x 1m lengths for £20. There is a cutting list on the Prusa i2 bill of materials.

Rods - threaded lengths can all be cut from 6x1m lengths of M8 threaded rod
( 370 + 370 +210 ) * 2, ( 294 + 294 + 370 ) * 2, 440 + 440 , 440

More to come........

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