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Thursday, March 30 2017 @ 11:32 PM BST

3D printer - Parts are arriving


My 3d printer build is moving at a blistering pace and parts have started to arrive. 

Smooth rods, threaded rods, nuts, bolts and washers have arrived.
Ive also had a delivery of electroniocs.


Ive cut the rods down as per the cutting list I mentioned in my last post.
Rods - threaded lengths can all be cut from 6x1m lengths of M8 threaded rod 
( 370 + 370 +210 ) * 2, ( 294 + 294 + 370 ) * 2, 440 + 440 , 440


Ive also had a delivery of electronics and other hardware.

All of the ramps 1.4 stuff have arrived including the Arduino Mega, ramps shield, stepper drivers and LCD screen.
Ive recieved the J head I ordered. I hope it will fit directly into the wades extruder.
Once the extruder is printed Ill find out if I need to make any modifications.

Theres the heated bed and a nice 1kg of 3mm pla to pass on the a friend whos printing all of the plastics for the printer.

Im starting to get a bit impatient now.

Once I have those plastics printed I can start building up the frame of the printer and get a few more bits and pieces ordered.
Some are still on the way like the end stop switches and some like the stepper motors ive yet to find a cheap acceptable supplier for.

More to come........

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