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Thursday, March 30 2017 @ 11:33 PM BST

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Woo hoo, Plastics arrive, I can start the build

The plastics arrive, a nice shade of red. However they dont match the standard set of Prusa I2 plastics
so ive got to do a bit of investigation to do to find the relevant instructions.

These are what I ordered from Ebay:





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3D printer - Parts are arriving


My 3d printer build is moving at a blistering pace and parts have started to arrive. 

Smooth rods, threaded rods, nuts, bolts and washers have arrived.
Ive also had a delivery of electroniocs.

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Im building a 3d Printer



Im building my own 3d printer. A Mendel Prusa I2.

Its going to look a bit like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is going to be the log of the build.